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 Earth and Venus Pentagram

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Registration date : 10/07/2008

ΔημοσίευσηΘέμα: Earth and Venus Pentagram   11.07.10 10:04

The Earth and Venus have almost circular orbits, so we can just as easily mark off their positions on the circle of their orbits at the time of Solar/Venus conjunctions.

This is shown from an oblique angle in the following animation illustrating the synodic series for the inferior conjunctions .

It can be seen that over the eight years of the synodic series both the Earth and Venus are drawing near perfect pentagrams on their orbits.

The animation shows two synodic series to illustrate how the small imperfection in the pentagram causes it rotate slowly with each new series.

The imperfection is due to the synodic series taking 2,919.5 days to complete rather than the 2,922 days it takes Earth and Venus to synchronise their positions.

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Earth and Venus Pentagram
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